TRACK OF THE DAY: Homegrown – Parchment Planet

TRACK OF THE DAY: Homegrown – Parchment Planet

February 10, 2018 12:36 am
Published by Bendrix

TRACK OF THE DAY: Pssssst big tip for all you lounge music enthusiasts. There is this hidden gem of a place thats kinda on the hush hush.. its a hi-end sleek restaurant in Amsterdam called the Supper Club… you need to make reservations months in advance.. Its a japanese style low table.. seated cousins more of a lie down and longe vibe.. no shoes.. 5 course meal.. you can legally smoke weed (I don’t smoke tho).. and there are masseuse that give you free massages in between meals.. it’s like a 3 or 4 hour experience.. Its the most interesting and coolest dining experience I have ever witnessed… ANYWAY I say all this because also in this Super Club there is a DJ booth up above you see the DJ and he/she spins wickedly chill deeelish lounge chill music like the title of this track. I currently have two double disk Supper Club Cd’s that I purchased when me and my gf visited back in 2001. Anyway just wanted to share this track cause its made a comeback in my playlist as of late. Enjoy


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